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Having worked with Ami for a year, I cannot recommend her enough! She's gentle, understanding, and accepting. She is talented at making one feel comfortable and open, and has so much respect for her patients. 

Emily, 22

Very kind, dedicated person to work with. Always flexible and friendly. Helped me learn a lot more about myself.

Akhil, 20

After moving to Philadelphia, I was worried about my transition to a new city. Therapy was a helpful place for me to build roots and reflect on goals. Ami was a great listener. 

Ashley, 28

I've had many ups and downs and have worked with several therapists over the years. Ami is authentic, understanding, and I always leave feeling supported. I've gained a lot of insight working with her.

Caitlin, 32

After my breakup, I was super depressed. Ami helped me understand my depression and gave me strategies to feel better. It's been a difficult journey. I was skeptical about therapy but a friend of a friend had recommended Ami. I'm glad I called her! I can't recommend her enough.

Dave, 37

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1315 Walnut St. Suite 1520 Philadelphia. PA

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